Effort Or Attainment: No pain no gain?

The broscience logic of 'no pain no gain' is hard to argue with.  Not because it stands up to even the very slightest of examination but because arguing AGAINST hard work just sets you up to get shouted down for being lazy. 

Hardwork and work ethic is probably a good thing and definitely shouldn't be criticised however that mentality has some serious negative consequences.  The most basic is that it will put a massive number of people off from ever even considering getting involved in any type of physical training.  If you believe a goal will require serious discomfort and actual pain they why would you ever opt in?  Then for people who do decide to get involved the belief that pain equals gain will lead them down a crappy crappy path to either a loss of motivation or injury.

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Is your training a long road to nowhere?

A lot of people don't train using a formal program and just 'work out' their energy as and when they find themselves in a gym. They might have a familiar collection of exercises you intend to perform and an idea about roughly how many reps they want to do but probably do not have an idea of what long term progression you want to make.

So you have an idea of what movements you are going to do and roughly what you should be capable of right now but probably not a four, six or longer plan. While this can work okay up to a point if you are consistent the chance of you making long term progress this way over the long term is poor and for some people it doesn't work at all.

You need a plan.

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How to sleep better.

Six out of 10 people don't get enough sleep. This has a knock on effect on every single physical, mental and performance metric you could think of. It will affect your strength, motivation, weight, willpower, recovery between workouts and even how your body process sugar and fat. What is strange to me is that this area of 'fitness and health' is given far less publicity than food and exercise. Severe enough sleep deprivation will make hard training either impossible due to being unable to recover in time to see progress or difficult as you are unable to perform at a level even close to your best. It will make following a good diet challenging as you will be riddled with cravings and desperate for a sugary 'pick me up'. 

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How long do you need to get in shape for a holiday? Part 1

Okay. It's May. If you are planning a summer holiday or are fantasising that Britain will get warm enough to justify going outdoors for fun then you have something in the four to sixteen week range to book, pack and otherwise get ready.

I personally am not the 'aesthetics' guy.  Get strong for the sake of getting strong.  If you are healthy, powerful, comfortable in your body and also still fairly well insulated against the cold then by all means strip off when the sun comes out and have fun.  I don't want to imply anyone MUST drop weight/fat or whatever.  However if you think you would be happier, healthier and more confident a few pounds or percentages down then this series is for you.

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