The 4 poorest excuses to avoid 'the gym'.

My mission is to try to inform people about the risks and negatives of not looking after their bodies and to educate them on how to use training, nutrition and general lifestyle tweets to make them live longer, live better and to generally get the most out of their stay on this spinning rock.  The fact the link has been clicked means you dear reader at least know you should be doing something. So I'm 1/2 way.  The second part is actually doing something and people like to stall out here for various reasons. Here are the 4 least airtight.

1. “I’m not interested in all that fitness stuff”

Just to get this one out the way first, no one said you needed to prep for the Olympics.  A person's required level of fitness is personal and individual. Enough strength, flexibility and conditioning to excel at YOUR life is is just perfect. If you feel energetic, balanced and pain free while doing everything you wish to do then point conceded and carry on. If however sitting/standing too long causes aches, picking something up off the floor requires careful planning and after a long walk you think someone lowered your toilet then reconsider the importance of ‘fitness’.  I'm not interested in vehicle maintenance but after my engine burnt out I got interested fast and you can't buy a new engine when your body burns out.

2. “I don’t feel comfortable in gyms.”

Oh no, you poor dear. Seriously though there are actually loads of totally justified reasons for this one. Childhood P.E/gym class related recurring nightmares, general body image issues or fear of embarrassment in public are all peoples favorites. In the long run it would be nice to psychoanalyse a bit and come to a heart-warming resolution to this stuff but as it turns out that would be fairly pointless. The issue is only there because you consider it an issue.  Thing is that ‘the gym’ is just a convenient place where exercise stuff lives. You almost certainly won't be the most out of shape person you will see.  Even if you really can't get past this point the minimum necessary equipment list is of course just a smile, although if you train in my gym clothing is appreciated. Bodyweight training works just fine.  Even moving past bodyweight training there is no requirement for a full blown training facility. One or two kettlebells is my preferred setup and requires nothing but a patch of grass or if inside a floor you truly don’t care about dropping stuff on.

3. “I’m too >old, unfit, overweight, underweight, weak, inflexible<“. Delete as appropriate.

Physical training as opposed to ‘working out’ is a series of planned progressions to get to a goal. It is not simply sending energy off into the world in an effort to be tired. Depending on your starting point the road may be longer or shorter but you can still get there one step at a time like everyone else, even if step one is to tie your shoelaces without getting dizzy.  In a lot of ways if a person is 'fit enough' then they have a better claim to not wanting to do more.  If you know you have weak points then it's imperative you fix them.

4. “I don’t have time.”

I have two answers to this one. First is a simple contradiction, yes you do. Following on from that carefully argued point you only need 15 to 20 minutes of time daily(ish) at home or in the garden to make a world of difference.  This is true for pretty much anyone from the fittest to  most inactive if you use the time smartly.

My second answer is more round about.

Priorities. If you are really dedicated to your job then great.  Work\life balance is a different issue for another article (by someone else). You, my hypothetical person, are clearly serious and business minded so lets talk statistics. Not actual statistics as its late and i don’t want to either Google them or make them up. Statistics say that pretty much everyone gets back pain at some point and some (1 in 3 i think) will actually require sick days. Fit is being well suited to your task. If working lots prevents working lots then you have a dilemma. Lots of jobs require little tasks that might not seem important but soon catch up with you if neglected. Prioritize your body like you do organizing your filing cabinet, it might not seem important today but if it goes too far out of order the wheels fall off.

Ive got lots of resources to help you get started or get serious.  Just drop me a message here.

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Richard Bath