Four Easy Steps to Achieving Any Fitness Goal

You have everything you need to achieve any (realistic) physical goal you have.  The only thing you need is the motivation to make the choice and the steadfastness not to stop. 

Far too many people think that there is some kind of line drawn between themselves and their bodies.  They think that if they want to change something they need use force to go against their body and win.   Fighting hunger to get thin or fighting pain to get fit.  Even worse some people don’t think they have any influence over their bodies or their physical condition.

There is no line and there should be no fight.  You are one single organism.  Part of you operates consciously making the big decisions about where to go and which emails to read the other part operates silently underneath and does the book keeping and regulates all the tiny decisions.  How much insulin to produce, how much food to request through hunger signals and how much fat or muscle to build or burn.

This makes you an amazing and adaptable creature.  This silent internal part of you works like a computer, if it is hot you sweat, if it is cold you shiver, if you run your heart speeds up.  This part of you has no problem in communicating with the conscious part.  If you have ever felt hungry or tired you know that that is fairly accurate.

The problem exists because while this part of you communicates with feelings is does not listen to direct instructions from the conscious side.   It only understands its own language.  Trying to make it do something by force of will is like trying to program a computer using plain English and then being confused that it doesn’t do what you wanted.  Just as computers understand their own languages like C++ and HTML your body has its language.

If you just stop eating then however hard you WANT to lose body fat the message you have sent is that there is no food and to settle in for a long famine.  When this message is received your metabolism slows down, your energy levels drop and energy hungry muscles are burnt away for fuel.  This is not your body fighting you it's just trying to keep you alive through the artificially imposed winter.  You just need to learn to ask nicely and to ask in the right language.

Work on building strength while eating fairly well and primarily protein.  Give yourself all the vitamins and minerals you could want along with lots of water and rest.  Periodically increase your calories sharply for a meal or day to keep your metabolism from slowing down.  The message your body hears now is that it really needs to get stronger to keep you safe.  It will then try to build and maintain muscle.  Lacking sufficient carbohydrate it will change protein in to sugar in a process called glucogenesis.  This will require fat to be burned to power the process and reduce the amount you have stored.

This is a disgustingly simplified example and I'm sure wouldn't stand up to serious examination but the basics are there.  Different goals can be achieved in different ways and their are always options but force is rarely a long term choice.

So to sum up the 3 steps to your goals are:

1)Decide to make a change.

2)Find out how to ask your body nicely.

3)Stick to your plan and see the results.

4)Measure change and see a lack of progress as 'failure' just adjust the plan a bit. 

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Richard Bath