Cauliflower Stir Fry: A Very Healthy Alternative to Rice to Make Shedding the Holidays Pounds Delicious

This won't be the most wordy or technical of articles.  It is a simple recipe.  

Rice is a staple food for a lot of people.  While there is nothing particularly bad about it there is also nothing particularly good.  It is a fairly dull and very dense source of carbohydrate.  While some people require dense sources of carbohydrate most of us don't.

As a simple alternative why not try this stir fried cauliflower side?  It is higher in fibre, higher in protein, has many excellent health benefits I've gone over and over before and pound for pound is much lower in calories than grain rice so you can have a nice big pile and not be eating crazy calories. 

All you need is a couple of large cauliflower, some eggs, olive oil or butter and anything else to make it even more exciting.


First grate (I hope for your knuckles sake you have a food processor to do this) a couple of cauliflower after removing the green leafy bits and the worst of the core.  Heat up a nice thick pan and chuck the whole lot in. 

Either let it sit and only stir occasionally to get some colour on it or just keep stiring to sweat it out and dry it a little.  Once you are happy with the colour push it out to the edges of the pan into a nice circle.


Turn up the heat on the stove and throw the butter or oil into the centre.  Once it is hot chuck your eggs into the pan.  You could beat them first but that's an extra dish to wash.


Scramble the eggs and gradually incorporate the cauliflower until you have a nice even mix. 


Throw in your seasoning and anything you feel would improve matters. I've gone for some peas and spring onion in the finished dish underneath.  Extremely tasty stuff and as virtuous as you could wish it to be. 


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