Water Water Everywhere: The Importance of Hydration

This article covers extremely briefly the importance or the chemical compound that makes up most of your body.  Adequate water intake is not a new or exciting piece of information but if the foundations like food, water, sleep and exercise are ignored then no amount of biohacker trickery can help you,

Health and fitness is a huge subject and should be of interest to everyone at least a little.  The single most important thing to get a handle on is what you are eating and drinking.  Here is a brief list of the biggest reasons to increase your water intake.


Water is vital for absolutely everything your body does on a day to day basis.  Every reaction every process and every action requires H2O.  Simply feeling good requires water.  Feeling better requires more water.  Within reason I suppose.  Enough water will kill you.  Its called drowning (I know I know you can still die from drinking too much).


Lubrication is important >raise eyebrow<.  If your joints move easily and freely and your muscle fibers can contract/relax and slide easily over each other then you will require less strength in order to get a task done.  Less wasted energy, less soreness and faster recovery. 


If you are looking to lose fat the next sentence is important.  Drink more water.  Dehydration is stressful to the body and causes inflammation.  Simply reducing this stress could be enough to drop a bit.  Secondly to that body fat is a convenient 'dump' for toxins and various poisons.  If you want to lose some you need to take into account all of this nastiness that will  become homeless as you diet and lose fat.  In order to flush your system of this rubbish an increased water intake will be required.  Dehydration will also increase food cravings and sap willpower.  Muscle is mostly water, not protein or fat.  Without any dull focus on the biology extra water must be made available for extra muscle to be built and for existing muscle to be maintained.


This one is a teaser for a future article but here is the short version.  Modern food and the modern world is saturated in estrogen.  It is pumped into livestock to fatten them and sprayed onto produce in the form of pesticide.  It is used to soften hard plastics to produce packaging.  Estrogen's REAL job in the human body is to help women get ready for that baby making thing they do.  Weight gain, muscle loss and reduced interest in activity.  There are also lots of fairly depressing links to cancer.  Water helps to get it out of your body.


Like all things the reasons can be complicated but the actual doing is pretty simple.  My advice would be to take a single large bottle (2 or 3 litre) and draw a few lines on the side.  Mark down times and make sure that you keep up to date.  If the clock says 2pm but you are only down to the 11am line on the bottle then step it up.

If you are urinating completely clear more than once an hour then back it off.

I know this isn't new or exciting but give it a shot for a week and see how you feel.  Use it as an add on to the program or just as an experiment.  Get in touch and let me know how it goes.

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