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How to sleep better.

Six out of 10 people don't get enough sleep. This has a knock on effect on every single physical, mental and performance metric you could think of. It will affect your strength, motivation, weight, willpower, recovery between workouts and even how your body process sugar and fat. What is strange to me is that this area of 'fitness and health' is given far less publicity than food and exercise. Severe enough sleep deprivation will make hard training either impossible due to being unable to recover in time to see progress or difficult as you are unable to perform at a level even close to your best. It will make following a good diet challenging as you will be riddled with cravings and desperate for a sugary 'pick me up'. 

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10kg down so far: What I learnt about sustainable weight loss at the bottom of a tub of icecream.

I've lost over 10kg so far and have no real reason to want to stop or to worry I'm going to fall off.

I've followed a lot of diets before.  Some smart, some stupid, mostly complicated and always strict.  I've had success on some of them but over the longer term there has always been a 'something' that has made me break them and revert to form.

The issue with me being dietless is that my natural instinct is to consume until there is nothing left but scorched earth and ashes. While a lot of fun this is generally not a great idea for anyone particularly a fitness professional. 

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