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Move well and often: Oil your hinge for improved everything.

To begin I would like to make a statement. Of all the multitudes of complexity and variety of movement you can imagine the human body can actually only really do seven things. 

Push, pull, rotate, prevent rotation, bend at the knee, hinge at the hips and stay still while bearing a load.

This is a disgustingly clumsy oversimplification of a massively complex system but its the best I've got and honestly pretty close to the mark. If Hippocrates can boil all human health, disease and medical conditions down into four things (hot, cold, wet and dry) then I can swing seven for moving.

Then more they are practiced the better they get and in the same way the longer one is ignored the rustier it will become. Imagine how you feel trying to stand up and walk off a plane after a 14 hour flight.  Now imagine how it would feel after years of avoiding a given movment.

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