Up on the soapbox.

After a few false starts and redesigns I think we have a plan...

I want everyone to be fitter and healthier.  More importantly I want everyone to WANT to be and see the importance of health and fitness. 

In order to be as much use to all my beautiful readers and clients and to spread the good word about fitness and health I have written a diet program which is available in exchange for subscribing to my page.

Click here to download that and to get started.


The main program is called the Four Seasons and is based on improving the basics of diet.  The most basic basic of diet is improving habits.  If the foods you reach for on auto pilot improve then good things will happen.  The other basics of diet are quality, type, timing and quantity but that is haphazardly explained in the program.

These things are the most important areas to get boxed.  Once these are in order you can begin to see the benefits from the less important but more interesting health tips and tricks. 

These tips and tricks will get lined and and knocked down through articles and other posts.  The first of which is awaiting you right here...

Water water Everywhere:  The importance of hydration.

Thank you everyone.  Please share the article and send feedback.  Get involved and spread the good word.



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