Summer is here possibly... Goals and Training.

Summer is sort of here and the weather is sort of nicer.  On average.  Sometimes.

My advise to everyone and even possibly to myself is to escape the recycled air and artificial lights.  Get out of the gym and train under the sky.

Don't confuse being 'at the gym' with progress on your goals.  Resistance machines and cardio kit make training simple and straightforward.  Its easy to know when you have made progress.  More weight, higher level or a little more time but the machines are not required and arguably can hold you back.

Learning to train with your own bodyweight or my personal favorite, kettlebells requires you to learn how to move well and coordinate your whole body for every exercise.  At first learning the extra skills will cut into your training a little but once you have learnt them you will see much faster physical results and might even start to enjoy the practice element.  For face to face coaching in bodyweight calisthenics and/or kettlebell lifting please contact me.

The other huge benefit of minimalist training is that it is portable.  Get outside in the world take your shoes off and work out on grass.

Make the workout fun and try to develop a skill rather than just grinding away.  My plan is to build up to a handstand...  At 6'4 and 200lb+ I think this will require shoulder and core strength in spades.  

Pick a goal that motivates you and get on it.  Nothing is impossible if you stick at it.

Richard at Force of Nature Personal Training.

Become a force of nature.