Thirty something

My lord I am old.  When did that happen?  

Oh well.  Can't be helped.  

This year of my life has been eventful so far.  There have been dinosaurs on the silver screen and dinosaurs at the zoo.  I've had a gluten free, lactose free, yeast free, blah blah blah cake that was actually totally delicious in its own right from

Thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and for everyone else... I've made a list.

This last few weeks has seen a handful of new clients and lots of progress towards strength, happiness and health.   I've got lots of women deadlifting and that's always a good thing.

My business goals this year are to keep spreading the good word and making the world a better place.  Very high aspirations I know.  My personal goals are a half body weight single arm shoulder press and a double body weight deadlift... Slightly less lofty there then.

Anyway that's about it today.