Force of Nature Blog Update

I can't believe August is nearly gone.  

Its been an interesting month.  The highlights so far have been a couple of nice deadlift PRs from two clients of my strength and fitness clients, Louisa hit 100kg for 5 and Dave hit 150kg for 3, a 40kg Turkish get up from yours truly and generally solid results from my weight loss clients.

Many thanks to all of you for putting in the effort during and between sessions, you make this job awesome.

Thank you as well to my newly christened Force of Nature 'Tribe' for sharing my last couple of articles and for the feedback and support.  Please keep that up.  For anyone who missed them (or forgot to share them) here they are: What's a healthy breakfast and The most important piece of fitness equipment.

I have also discovered this month that I've been married for seven years.  I've no idea how anyone put up with me that long but it happened.   Thank you so much for being my wife and giving me two beautiful children.

Moving forwards I'm refining a new simplified movement assessment appropriate for people with jobs that call for a lot of sitting down. 

The posture and muscle tension holding a seated position for an extended period robs you of strength and energy and often causes back pain. If this sounds like it would help you or people in your place of work please drop me a message here.

As always, any questions please let me know.  Get strong, move well and often, eat naturally. 


100kg x 5 reps. 

100kg x 5 reps. 

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