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Hello all.  After quite a long time of probably rather too enthusiastic training (more isn't always better but that's a story for later) I have now qualified with for my Strongfirst SFG1 certification and have been busy planning what to do next.

If strength, mobility, health and the confidence to consistently improve the previous four things is what you are after you need to give this stuff a go.

Everything about the cert was amazing. The information, the instructors and the atmosphere but what had the biggest impact on me was the MINDSET of the Strongfirst training system.

Calm, collected practice of high tension strength movements and explosive power movements.  Lots of attention was given to slow, unweighted 'patterning' of the lifts and even more attention was given to staying loose and relaxed between reps, between sets and between workouts.  No pain, exhaustion or burning lungs.

Remember strength is a skill. It is learnt and developed by any other skill not by constant mindless high effort. 

Doing something impressive is great.  Making it look effortless is awesome.

This is a huge paradigm shift for most people as the usual fitness culture idea is to try to get as tired as possible every time you hit the gym.  I thought I understood how much emphasis should be placed on this but I realise now I was still creeping out of my 'practice' zone into 'performance'.  Feels good to be hitting better numbers but you WILL crash back down shortly.

I want to spread this idea around a little and pass on what I've learned.

If you have been to my site before you might have noticed the new Training Calendar tab at the top.  This has all my dates for group training and will in time get other things added to it. One off workshops, group events and other bits and pieces.

Right now I've five group sessions at different times each week.  Hopefully at least one or two will suit everyone. For £35 you can come to as many as you can swing each month.

Not a bad deal if it's just the one a week.

Pretty good deal if you can make two. 

Absolute bargain for anyone managing 3+. 

Then when you are strong, flexible, healthy and want to pick up the pace to chase a specific goal... e.g. New Years Resolution weight loss you can switch to higher reps, less rest and be moving bigger iron with safer form.

Strength lets you shift fat, strength lets you build muscles, strength keeps joints healthy and allows mobility.

But (wait for it) you have to be strong first (StrongFirst, get it?). 

Contact details at the top of the website if you want to get in on that.  First sessions free this month.


For an extra push with a private session a week, unlimited group training and a personal program for just £30 a week for your first 6 weeks click here. 



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