Monday 14th of March.

Yet again time flies.   

Thank you to everyone who viewed my highly unserious Kettlebell technique video.  If I amused a few people then I am happy.

If you missed it click through the link and share when you are done.  If it inspired you to work on training better not just harder please get in touch or come to my FREE Saturday Kettlebell class at 11:45.

This week I'll be about offering trial sessions to everyone currently on the fence about either personal training or structured progressive training in general.  

It is ESSESNTIAL to have a plan about how you wish your body to adapt and how to  train for that.  Just doing more and more is unsustainable.  Once you are doing 'enough' maybe it needs to be done quicker? Maybe heavier? Maybe more often?...

Without a destination any road will get you there.

I won't try and say EVERYONE needs a PT breathing down their neck every single workout but immediate feedback on form and technique is invaluable for preventing bad habits and asymmetries from setting in and leading to problems later on. 

Stay tuned this week for another video (as they are great fun to make) and I hope to catch you in the gym soon. 


Richard BathComment