Monday 7th March: The basics of mobility, stability and a comfortable spine.

March already? Hell is up with this year?

That leaves only one month and a day before I go to my (hopefully first of many) Strongfirst Kettlebell workshop away in sunny England.

To get ready for that I've stepped the pure strength work back a little and am focusing on flexibility, mobility and form.  I want to get the most out of it I can and being complacent about tight joints doesn't cut it.  You can't ever make real progress if your foundation isn't there.  

I'm doing a lot of work on my shoulders to finally fix all the issues caused by many hours of hunched over kitchen work and I'm sure a good number of you could do with the same.

My left shoulder doesn't extend as far as the right and I have ALWAYS (but less now) tension in my shoulders.  This spoils my form and therefore my strength production.  Muscle tension also boosts stress levels that just ruin everything else from sleep to body fat to your moods.

If you would like to get involved check out my Facebook event with that link.  It's a stretch and mobility session at Pure.

If you can't get along or can't find enough loose change under the sofa to go (I can just invoice you brah) I'll be providing a wee video on back and shoulder stretching shortly.

Too everyone else please have a lovely day, a productive week and I hope to see you in the gym shortly.  I'm about a lot tonight so get in touch if you have any questions.

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