The World is Flat: How this affects your fitness goals.

Do you ever find yourself KNOWING that you should do something about something but not be able to find the motivation?  Get winded climbing stairs but never find time to get to a gym?  Notice you have gained a few pounds but don't have time to prepare your own healthy food?  Sore lower back but feel too tired after work to work on mobility.

It might be the illuminati's fault.

Please bear with me a little while.

I would like to start by saying I'm not crazy.  Or if I am this isn't how you will find out.  I have however been listening to a lot of David Icke podcasts on the bus and honestly the difference is pretty slim sometimes.

Anyway, Mr.Icke says the world is round and flat with the North Pole in the middle and Antarctica is a mile high wall of ice all the way around the edge keeping the ocean in.  Also the sun and moon are about thirty miles away and just sort of etch a sketch their way over us and that 'they' are covering it up.  

He has reasons and evidence and all kinds of things to back up his statement.  All of it was interesting and some of it was a little concerning (why the hell do East to West flights in the Southern Hemisphere always divert via a thousand mile middle eastern stopover?) but ultimately my government issue mental conditioning stayed intact throughout his speech.

When he got to the simple question of why would 'they' even bother to create such an intricate lie an amazing point was made.  

I still don't believe the world IS flat but it certainly should be.

If as we have been taught the world is one tiny ball in a solar system that is itself a speck in a galaxy that is one mote in a larger and larger universe in an infinite void then we are so infinitesimally unimportant that what we do or don't do is all pretty much the same.  On the timescale of an eternal universe our lives are literally as important as the movement of an electron in an atom in a rock on the moon is to you right now.

David Icke says that this 'globe earth' masquerade was invented to make us complacent and feel scared, unimportant and meaningless.  

Eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, poop, work and die.  If something bothers you just tick along until the ride is over.  It literally couldn't matter less.  Either the reptilians or the illuminati prefer their workers feel this way.  Maybe both do.

'They' want us to ignore what we can clearly see (that the earth is flat and motionless) and believe what we are told and everyone else believes (it's round and spinning at a ten thousand miles an hour).

While I don't believe he is right if he was it would have certainly been considered a successful plan.  

Just to rehash my favourite statistics: 8 in 10 people will suffer from joint or back pain, 2 in 3 are overweight or obese and more will die from lifestyle diseases than all other disease combined.  We as a culture are falling to bits.

While I know some people have little say in these problems for whatever genetic or accident based reason the vast majority do have the power to affect these numbers.  For some people it might be a Herculean task while for others it might be simple enough if they wanted to but for most if there was a will there would be a way.

We can clearly see that our modern sedentary lifestyles and processed food are doing seriously bad things to us but everybody is doing the same thing so we might as well just pretend it's okay and stay in line.  Going against the flow is difficult even if the flow is carrying you over jagged rocks.

Ultimatly it is all a cost/value equation.  If we are all just grains of statistically insignificant sand in an icy cold infinite universe does it really matter if your hips are a little tight, you can't touch your toes, you eat three granola bars and a Diet Coke for breakfast or can't manage a single push-up and your shoulders don't bend far enough to link your hands behind your back?  

The cost to actually do something about this, however small, couldn't ever be less than the absolute zero value we have.

What if on the other hand David Icke is right and 'this' is it.  

We live on a flat disc world with an ice wall around the edge and the sky is a roof a few miles high.  We are the centre of all existence and everything that happens and each and every one of us is truely important.

Now, how we live our lives is the most important things in all of creation.  All there is is to live, love, compete, learn, teach, build, create, play, explore and whatever else is important to you.  Obviously it is important to work and I dearly hope you are working a job you have a passion for or at least find some enjoyment in but if this one little aspect of your all important existence begins to compromise others something must be done.

If long hours stooped over a computer monitor make your back ache too much to want to explore new places or try new activities, if your quick and convenient diet has left you too heavy to be confident outrunning the wildlife on safari or if your knee hurting from years of holding in the clutch on a commute prevents you from blast drumming and becoming the drummer in that death metal band your friend started then something isn't right.

While the cost haven't changed for sorting out these issues from what it was on the old globe world the value of making any effort or decision to improve yourself has become infinatly greater.

You are too important not to be able to find time to find, prepare, eat and enjoy natural whole foods. You are too important not to make time to maintain your joints, muscles and mobility.  You are too important to be able to live your life to its fullest.

Becoming truely healthy and making decisions that improve your body and increase your quality of life as you age becomes hugely important.  The cost might be high but now your personal value has increased to the power of all the stars in the sky.

As a final note I want the record to show that I'm fairly sure the earth is round and orbiting the sun.  The jury is still out on the moon landing. 

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You are too important not to.


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