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As of next week I'll have three training groups running.  Monday at 5pm (1 space available), Thursday at 7pm (3 spaces still available) and Saturday at 10am (1 or 2 spaces available).

Movement is not something you can 'opt out' of.  You DON'T have to 'train' or even exercise (although you probably should).  However little interest you have in gyms and fitness you are constantly moving in some way even if that is a constant seated position in a comfy sofa or  more likely a forward hunch is a poorly made office chair.  The 'choice' to move in this way will dictate how your body operates, looks, and performs other movements.

The key is balance.  No position or movement is inherently BAD but when one movement or position is over used and its opposite is neglected problems will occur.  Back and joint pain, strength and flexibility asymmetry and difficulty with different tasks will occur sooner or later.

The ever popular trinity of bench pressing, bicep curls and crunches are not BAD movements but for someone who spends all day leaning over a desk with bent elbows and their shoulders forward it is just more of the same.

On the other end of the spectrum a forward curved spine with internally rotated shoulders for a few minutes might be the perfect position to balance out their body for someone  who just performed a back bend like a gymnastic bridge or some heavy Olympic lifting.

Whether you choose to 'train' these movements to build great strength, muscle or sports performance  is your call entirely but choose your movements wisely. 

My focus with clients are the movements that balance out dysfunctional modern professional lifestyles with a lot of sitting and/or repetitive movement.  

To learn how to create balance and avoid the pitfalls of modern life come along to one of my training groups.  

Six person maximum size to ensure the movements are taught to a high level and only £8 a session.  The links are right there at the top and again at the end and its first come first served.  Please click through and confirm your place.

If you are interested but the times don't suit you round up a few friends and I'll try to accommodate you.

 Monday at 5pm (1 space available)

Thursday at 7pm (3 spaces still available)

Saturday at 10am (1 or 2 spaces available)



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