Force of Nature Blog: Thursday 5th May

Lots to report today.

The ebb and flow of public opinion seems to be that summer is on the way.  This is based on everyone remembering that holiday they are trying to get ready for in the next few weeks and asking for help...

Of course I'm happy to oblige.  As much as i want to promote strength training for the health and wellness benefits who doesn't like to look better naked/swim suited up.   

 To anyone interested in getting started click here or hit the button on the menu and I'll get in touch to arrange a free introductory session.

I get it though that some people hate the idea of personal training.  You want to be self sufficient and use the gym to get away from people. 

If training one to one just isn't your thing I've got another small training group starting next Saturday (depending on numbers) at 10am.  It will run for one hour every week for 8 weeks.  I'll teach you the fundamentals and point you in the right direction as to how to improve.  

Then you can go away and push yourself as gently or as hard as you like with a program I will gladly provide.  Can't say fairer than that.  Click through this link for a little info on prices and such.  

If you are sold already then click through here and confirm your attendance.

My Monday night at 5 group is going great (and has one space available. If you are interested email and I'm loving the setup.  

I wanted the groups small enough not to compromise my teaching but honestly having a few people training together seems to be making it EASIER for some people to learn.  Seeing someone else do something is really really helpful when you are learning it yourself.

My own training for the SFG1 in October is going well.  After a brief virus and getting used to slight changes of form I'm back firing on all cylinders and getting stronger by the day.  Watch this space for progress.