Petite and Proud Day: May Wednesday 4th

Hello everyone.  

Today is Petite and Proud Day apparently.  So a big shout out to all the little people out there.  Not 'little people' little people, just small.  The word petite makes me think women as well although I'm not sure if that's linguistic bias?

My message today is about strength relative to body weight. 

Lots of women feel intimidated by the 'big guys' in the gym throwing weights about or feel embarrassed about their own level of strength.

Often this is sighted as a reason not to get involved in the training that would be of huge benefit to them.  It doesn't have to be painful and gruelling.  It doesn't have to be blood, sweat and tears but it has to happen.

Modern sedentary lifestyles are rough on posture, movement quality and muscle tone and lean body mass.  Over time these things can degenerate enough to cause aches and pains, weight gain and compromise your ability to engage in physical activity and to get the most out of life.

You can't really opt out of looking after these things and expect to be able to keep on rolling through into your later years as I fully intend to.  

If you want to avoid cavities brush, if you want to avoid engine damage change the oil, if you want to maintain strong joints and muscles train them.  Not training because of "not being interested in gyms or weights" makes as much sense as being illiterate because you are not a fan of books.

The fact that the huge majority of the population neglect themselves into prescription medication and athletic impotence does not justify anyone else's complacency.

What needs to be understood is that if my petite wife (110 pounds) and I (230 pounds) perform the same workout then she has worked much harder than me.  A 60kg squat to a 100kg+ guy can't be compared to the same bar being moved by a sub 50kg female.

You shouldn't chase the heaviest weight you can manage and you shouldn't compare your current ability to someone else's as you have no idea how long it look them to get there.  If you really really want to compare lifts then always look at percentage of body weight and never what's actually on the bar.   

A 100% body weight squat is a 100% body weight squat however light the bar is and if it's performed with immaculate form the benefits will be as high as they will be for anybody at any body weight.

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