International Nurse Day: Thursday 12th May

After yesterday's Receptionists Day we have another occupation theme.  In all honesty is you didn't read the other post about the dangers of repetitive asymmetrical work you should probably just click through rather than have me retype it here.

I've spent far too much time around hospitals recently and I would like to say thankyou to all the nurses that have been available to help and care for my son and look after everyone.

I know what any hospital type nurses out there are thinking though.  You don't actually get to spend that much time sat down.  It's all go go go. 

Unfortuanatly working hunched over performing close work and shifting people from bed to bed always from the same side over and over will still take its toll.

Unlike just siting all day a repetitive job that requires actual strength in an asymmetrical movement is almost worse than just sitting still all day and rusting up.  

Back pain and nursing seem to go together like stethoscopes and doctors.  The repetitive movement compounded by long hours on your feet creating fatigue can cause a lot of postural problems.  To survive this without discomfort you need to be fit.

 'Fit' doesn't mean running a half marathon or entering a physique competition it means being  a good 'fit' for your job and lifestyle.  If you need to perform a job of that nature you need serious endurance in your spines stabilising muscles.  You also need to make sure you don't develop a huge left right imbalance from any manual handling you might embark upon.

Try the windmill drill I linked to the other day and really focus on the symmetry.  If it is much harder to perform on one side than the other then I recommend you keep practicing and come see me to put together a more complete and personalised program.

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