No socks and windmill day: Tuesday 10th May

According to today is both No Socks and Windmill Day. 

Obviously even with both of these days occuring at once it does not exactly rival Christmas.  Even though today might not be too big a deal to many people trying to make the most of what you have to work with is never a bad idea. 

Not wearing socks and health/fitness might not seem to have a lot in common but actually you might be suprised.  

I don't centre my business and training around weightloss or aesthetics (although they are a side effect if you eat right) but around strength, movement quality, physical health and maximising safety.  

Movement quality and safety means being able to move with and react to the forces of gravity on own body and any weight you may be holding.  The human foot is a massively complex piece of equipment with many muscles and nerves allowing a lot of minute changes of balance and informing the rest of the body how to move all the way up its length to your head.

Constantly keeping your feet in thick footware with padded soles and built up heels and in steps gradually erodes these reflexes and weakening the muscles in your feet.

While our 'sitting' culture is still largely to blame, constantly moving around with your heel elevated on an unstable padded shoe and your instep artificially supported is also partly to blame for our postural and back and joint pain issues.

So for today why not give your feet a little workout as well as the rest of you.  Chuck the running shoes away and go barefoot.   

I hope your training already involves moving weights slowly, moving them explosively, carrying them for distance and shifting your balance to stay in control all along.  If you have never tried training barefoot give it a go.  You might be surprised how different it feels. 

If your training doesn't involve much more than static seated machines and a bit of cardio (or endless bicep curls) get in touch for an introductory session.

To tie this in with windmill day please click through to this video on the Kettlebell windmill (see what I did there) to learn how this excellent stability/mobility drill is performed.  It is an excellent movement to throw into a warmup and should always be performed without shoes.