Force of Nature PT Blog: Thursday 23rd June.

Hello all.  I hope your weekend is set to be as relaxing/exciting/productive as you hoped they would be. 

Its terrifying to admit but June is nearly over.  This is a frightening thought on a few fronts.

  1. The year is half gone despite feeling like it just started. 
  2. I'll be 30 in July (Editor: Nice try but they won't buy it another year).
  3. I've only got 3 months and 16 days before the SFG1 certification course and instructors testing.

All three are in hand however and I think I can keep my cool.

Maybe I have only got 14 weeks and a bit to prep for the certification but I'm training hard and am well on track.

Maybe I WILL be 29 (shut up) this year but I'm certainly stronger, more mobile, fitter and healthier than I've ever been before and I have the tools and knowledge to keep progressing for many many years to come.

Maybe this year is flying by but a lot of progress has been made physically, mentally and professionally already.  Physically, being in a position to actually consider SFG1 certification shows a lot of progress compared to my last days of kitchen work.  Mentally, my mindset and focus are better.  I'm certainly not always operating at my HIGHEST potential but I am aware of where my weaknesses are and how to improve them.  I really can't recomend meditation and mindfulness more highly.  Happiness is an internal decision and not a reaction to the external situation. If you decide to be happy and productive then you will be.  Professionally,  my clients are wonderful and it's great to see people taking control of their bodies and seeing that change of mindset.  My bussiness direction is clearer and progressing.  I'm looking into qualifications in injury rehabilitation and possibly stress management and have began studying for a Functional Movement Screening certification as part of my getting involved with Strongfirst.

As much as anything all this comes from finding the simple 'message' I'm trying to convey.  Now the message is clear what I should study, how I should advertise and what clients I should be looking for are clear. 

It's great to teach people that they are in control.

You SHOULDN'T have to be tight, tired or sore.  You SHOULDN'T have to be weak or overweight.   I mean you can if you really want to but it should be a choice not an inevitable consequence of 'the modern world'.  It doesn't take as much time as you think it will to start learning to move well and iron out the kinks. (Click through for a video on this)

Once you learn the skills then you have the tools to start making progress and fixing existing habits.  This statement is what is working for me physically, mentally, professionally and is what I teach my clients.

Please get in touch to get started



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