14/9/16 That's not a lot of days! Prep Update, Free Sessions and Vegetables.

Hello everyone.  I hope you are well and are getting stronger everyday.

Business first:

  • I've a free slot at 7pm tonight at Pure Gym Edinburgh West if anyone wants a free introductory session.  Richard@ForceofNaturePT.com or 07958014100 if you are interested.
  • Training Group at 7pm tomorrow. Please let me know if you are going and there is one free space for a free trial if you haven't been yet.

Im down to a mere twenty two days away from my SFG Kettlebell certification.  The preparations are going well.  The daily volume of swings and snatches is feeling comfortable and I feel well within my limits even thought the numbers are going up. 

Sucessful training isn't about being as exhausted as possible all the time.  

I'm drilling the basics and throwing in lots of single leg deadlifts and shoulder mobility to even my body out so I can let the big movements feel natural. 

This is the important bit with hard training.  If I JUST did the single leg work and shoulder mobility I wouldn't make progress with the snatches and lifts. 

If I just did snatches and lifts I'd make progress but much slower and potentially make my imbalances worse.

This is why a training program written for you based on your goal, ability, strength standard and movement patterns is so important.  Like I said before,  to get started with that get in touch.

Finally I've been trying the Vegan/Veggie thing this month.  Feel okay actually.  Lots and lots of good stuff.  I'll admit to some sushi but otherwise fairly strict.  

I've not collapsed in a boneless pile from steak withdrawal so I'll keep at it awhile longer.

Any questions about your training please get in touch. 





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