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Hello.  Only two weeks until I'm flying out to the Strongfirst SFG1 instructor certification.  Whether I pass during the weekend or not (the failure rate is actually about 30%) I know I will learn a lot and will be making some changes to how I market my business and how I focus my efforts towards helping people become stronger.

Firstly I'm going to start pushing my Group Training as my primary focus.  I want to use the word 'group' rather than class as generally a gym 'class' is a set routine repeated week by week with no sort of planned progression or learning curve.  This is unacceptable as it is the gradual progression and learning that makes training effective.

I didn't want to try to sign people to a X week commitment because that mean a lot of chasing people about, taking money up front to prevent people dropping out after saying they wanted to train and also it mean if someone did want to train there could be a long wait before 'week 1' of the group came about again.

If the group was to really build on their progress from week to week then having someone jump in half way would be impossible.  

I had hoped that as the people attending each group session stabilised I could plan a progression for them.  Turns out that this was about as feasible as herding cats.  Back to the drawing board. 

So... Firstly I have three types of group I'm preparing.  Technique groups, Strength and Conditioning groups and one off Workshops.  I'll try to have four or five groups running at various times during the week and rotate what is taught as they finish.  The workshops will be single time events and free to attend.

The technique groups will be 3 or 4 weeks at the same time each week and will focus on a few similar movements.  The aim will be to learn how to perform those movements to a high level and more importantly what to do to be able to build your ability in them.  These sessions will include mobility work, technique drills and progressions in order to get you up to speed on the movements.

The S&C groups will be 6 to 8 weeks long and will be designed towards chasing down a certain goal.  They will begin with fitness tests and then based on a persons current ability will be programmed to become gradually harder in a way that will move you towards your goal.  

These groups will teach you how to take these movements you have learnt and use them to achieve whatever it is you have set out to do.   Strength, muscle, weight loss or whatever the focus is.

In order to streamline the logistics of this I will no longer be charging on a per class basis.  For access to ALL group sessions there will be a flat £35 a month cost.  This means if you attend a single weekly group session the cost is the same as it always was.  If on the other hand you are feeling like you want to attend multiple sessions then you can for the same cost.  Simple, streamlined and excellent value.

I have a calendar page on my website >here< with group times and what will be done.  It is fairly sparse right now but keep an eye out as it will fill up soon.   

If you are interested in group training or being kept informed of the free workshop times and dates please sign up through this link and email me at

Finally I have a new offer combining the group training and personal training along with some other bits and pieces which is also a seriously good deal.  Please check that out through this final link and if you are not sure remember the first session is can be tried with no commitment to carry on and nothing to pay.  



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