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Are you fit? Are you strong? Are you trying to get fit or strong?  If you are how do you know when you get there or if you are even making progress?

I'm not particularly into numerology or any of that Freemason stuff but I'll take 33 as an important number. 

 Wikipedia certainly does.

Through that link there is maths, technology, science, religion and even biology (we have 33 vertebrae).

MOST importantly right now though is that it's the days I've got left before my Strongfirst Kettlebell Certification.  The preparation and training for this are bringing up some questions as to what 'strength' and 'fitness' means.

Preperations are going well (I think) .  In addition to displaying an understanding of, coaching, safety and professionalism there are some formal tests to pass. The two tests I have to pass are performing 5 reps with 24kg in all the important lifts and a 5 minute conditioning test.  I have to lift the same 24kg weight over my head in one smooth movement 100 times.

You see the thing is that I CAN do everything required.  I can press, swing, squat and everything else with my test weight.  I CAN do the 100 reps in time.  

I'm not sure I can do them both back to back though... Not after two full days training.

I'm strong enough to do it.  I'm conditioned enough to do it but I still worry I'm lacking something.  Endurance? Staying power? Toughness? What do you call being able to perform at a good level regardless of workload or fatigue?

Why does this apply to you?

Self directed training can become very shortsighted.  Strong folk want to work with heavy weights and long rests.  Muscle folk want to work one body part with medium weights and then rest it for a week.  Running folk just want to last longer running.

The trouble is that this is what you are already good at.  'Fitness' has to be tired to an environment to be fit for.

I have to align MY fitness with a specific thing.  Back to back training days with a test at the end.  Thankfully Strongfirst has a very well written program to keep me right. It matches the layout of the certification weekend with three concecutive days with a mock 'test' on day three and then after a rest day works on conditioning for two days before another rest.

Considering none of the component parts of the program are things I can't do it is still an incredibly tough routine.  If I just kept doing what I wanted to I would have been woefully underprepared. 

You dear reader might not have a specific goal but it's important not to fall into a never ending cycle of getting better at what you like to do while everything else degrades.  

Maybe your form is off.  Maybe your mobility isn't great. Maybe you're not strong enough.  Maybe you don't have the conditioning, endurance or one of 100 other things.

It is very hard to look at your own capacities impartially.  It is also very important not to be missing pieces with your training.  Having someone else to monitor and coach you is vastly important to optimising your training and not falling into a maze of working around one issue  to improve another.

I can't really provide a way to avoid this other than the frequently repeated offer of a free trial session to show you what it is I do.

If you would like that please sign up and email me at Richard@ForceofNaturePT.com

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