A smoothly oiled machine: 11/01/17



Hello Edinburgh and as I believe this is my first blog post since the 1st I'll wish you a belated new year.  My tardiness has been mostly due to setting up some systems to make my life easier so I can be more focused on being generally helpful to you in your quest for strength and fitness.

  1. The first 'system' is what you are looking at assuming you are reading this in an email browser.  Some techno-magic called an RSS feed.   I should be able to post easily and regularly to my site and it will magically become an email. I can announce useful information like how my Hardstyle Kettlebell Group Training is at 7am Monday and Wednesday, 7pm Tuesday and Thursday and also 10am Saturday.
  2. Second is my new Q&A feature on the site.  Click on the 'ask a question' tab or this link and post anything you can think of.  I'll make a weekly or bi monthly video answering the questions.  This way I can build a little FAQ and know what sort of articles might be useful.
  3. I have a new way to get started with training called Hardstyle 101.  Check out the site (www.forceofnaturept.com) for details but the TL;DR version is that's its free and is everything you need to get a solid understanding of what you should be doing in the gym and what to eat to support that.

Have an absolutely wonderful day and if anyone is free tonight (Wednesday 11th) and likes the sound of the 101 program hit reply and let me know. 

Richard at Force of Nature 

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