The offer is still open. Blog and Update: Sunday 15/1/17

Hello beautiful people, it's been a busy week lots of heavy lifting, lots of unpleasant swing programming and the occasional snatch.  Thank you for the suggestions for material for a Q&A post.  To anyone new to my site please get in touch and ask questions.  I'm here to help.


Lots of people have shown interest in my hardstyle 101 program so if anyone is still waiting on a call back after speaking to me about getting started with that or if anybody would be interested in trying out or just reading a little about the benefits please click through the following links and get in touch.

I'll be building my timetable for next week shortly so please be quick to get yourself a time that is preferable for you.

That's it for today really quick message have a lovely undressed and restful Sunday I hope to see you in the gym next week.

Keep on swinging.


Richard BathComment