Stallone Lied. Don't burn out. Tuesday 24th January.


The last full week of January is nearly over and I'm pretty much set for the year to start... Better late than never I guess.  Luckily for me the 'gym year' starts in February anyway.

So far the 'January Rush' is mostly existing members who have been AWOL since late summer and the core regulars who are trying to double down on the hard work. 

My target is to get as many of the newbies as possible into 'training' and spare them from 'working out'.   If you have spent any amount of time in a gym this distinction might not make sense to you.  

It sure as hell never made sense to me over years of sporadic and short lived gym use.  I grew up with Rocky and martial art movie training montages so I assumed that fitness was all about 3 minutes of intense focus and inspirational music.

This was not all that effective. 

If you have been showing up, doing your thing and making progress in whatever direction you wanted without throwing in the towel then the frustration that causes the majority of people to quit after 6/8/12 weeks might just seem like laziness.

Truth is that it takes a long time to get fit.  Let's say a year.  If it will take a year you need a plan sustainable for 365 days.  Going 100% 6 days a week isn't sustainable. Maybe for 6/8/12 weeks but then your done.  This inevitable burnout (or injury) gets labelled as failing.

'Training' is riding the line between challenging your body enough to make it adapt and having enough left in the tank to remain fresh and strong between sessions allowing you to remain consistent and PRACTICE the skills of strength.  

If you view excercise as something that has to be survived then your odds of making consistent progress is low.  

If this sounds like something you need to do get in touch and start my Hardstyle 101 now.  No cost, no risk.  

Talk soon.

Richard (SFG1, FMS1)

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