Set backs, pushes forward and consistency. 26/01/17


How has the training been going this week?   Okay I hope.

Mine has been... patchy.  I managed to sprain (aye, the photo is nothing to do with me, I was just going for shock value) my left hand pretty bad and can't manage some things.   I can pull in straight lines but pushing and twisting don't work.  I can hang on a pull-up bar but can't squeeze with my thumb hard enough to unlock my phone.

Funny thing is when I thought it WAS broken like everyone was telling me and that I wouldn't be able to make progress towards my goals for weeks/months I was fairly upset.

My goals don't really have time limits but that doesn't mean that I can always leave it until tomorrow.  

This got me thinking that maybe if I hadn't built up my wrist strength with heavy get-ups and pressing for years and maintained flexibility with daily joint mobility then that accident would have shattered my wrist instead of just spraining my thumb and fingers a bit.

If something unexpected happens to you tomorrow that requires strength, toughness or endurance would you be happy with where you are now?  Would you be able to say that you were as prepared as you could reasonably be when failure had a consequence?

Ive been training daily even if I can only load one side.

'The gym' isn't solely about dropping a few pounds and looking better naked.  Looking after your body isn't necessarily vain.  We live in a pretty safe little world here in Blighty but that doesn't mean that physical capability is worthless.

Strength has a higher purpose. 

If this has inspired you at all to get into training click here to get in touch and I'll teach you how to get where you need to be faster and safer and honestly you will probably look better naked anyway...

Richard Bath SFG1, FMS1


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