Minimalism and Goals. 01/02/17


Hello guys.  I hope you have had a great week so far and it being February already isn't too depressing.  I've not got lots to report today, a few welcome and a chat about minimalism.  

First and most importantly it was my 8yr marriage anniversary yesterday.  Lots of love to my wife, my best friend and the mother of my children.

My Saturday Pure Loser group is now running and closed until next time.  Thankyou to everyone who signed up. We missed the top spot but got second in the country by one.  Also a few more people stepped up for my Hardstyle 101 offer which remains open.

On that note if you are on the Pure Loser course or my Hardstyle 101 program please click through this link for a bit of extra support. 

Regardless of which program you are on or whether or not you are a paying student, trying a free introductory offer or just doing your own thing please ask any questions you may have. I'm here to help.

My segway into minimalism will start with a recap of Pure Loser week one.  What is the motivation for your goal, booking some classes and recording what you eat.  That's it.  Obviously over the course more will be added (planning ahead, Macros, calories and progressive training) but as with most things in life keeping it simple works.

Acknowledging that you intend to do something is a big part of achieving that thing. Recording what you do in order to be able to analyse and make changes is another big part.  Why overcomplicate it?  If those things are not boxed off then there will be no success through anything more complicated.  Worrying about the specific timing of meals and food combinations is pointless if you have no idea what you are trying to achieve and have no record of what you actually did to achieve it.

Training is the same.  You need to show up and do something. Once that is boxed off you need to learn to push, pull, hinge, bend, carry and roll well.  Once that is boxed off you need to improve your abilities in a way that brings you closer to your goal.  There is no need to try to over complicate things.

Boring and consistent with constant improvement in the basics beats chasing shiny new things every time.  More about minimalism on Thursday but for now that my piece. 

If you think this approach could work for you then get in touch. Hardstyle 101 is free to subscribers to my site.



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