How to lose 5kg in a week. 10/2/17


Hello everyone.  How has your week been treating you? 

Im one week and a day into the Strongfirst Master Trainer Fabio Zonin's 'Hit the Target' diet program.

It is not a complicated diet and it doesn't have a lot of fancy science surrounding it.  The only thing separating it from a lot of high protein low everything else diets is the structured 'cheat' days every time you hit certain targets. 

While I'm sure no one is interested in my waist line I wanted to highlight something important that I've been seeing in my daily weighns.  It might be helpful to anyone looking at losing weight or who gets attached to the number on the scale.

I'm perfectly happy to weigh myself everyday and I don't mind if the number goes up, down or stays the same day to day.  If you DO mind then maybe the following will help you relax a little about variances and give you an idea what the number actual means.

From day one to day two I lost 0.6 pounds.

Day two to three I lost 2 pounds. Having lost 2.5 it was a cheat day.

Day three I had gained 3.8 pounds. A kilogram and a half!

Day four I was down by 3.6 pounds again.

Day five I was UP by 0.4 pounds although my eating was strict and consistent. 

Day six it was down by 0.4 pounds again which means essentially no change from day 2. 

Day seven dropped by 2.8 pounds making it another cheat day.

Day eight today and this morning I'm up again by 5.4 pounds.  This puts me 0.2 pounds higher than when I started.  

Does this mean the diet is not working?  No of course not. It just means that what the scales are measuring is largely water than your body holds onto when you fill yourself up with carbohydrate.  The 'obvious' answer to this is to just never eat carbs.  Stick to the protein and veggies and hit your goal way way quicker... except. I did that before with the V-diet.

A month of protein powder and little else. I lost 17ld in 21 days. And then most of it came back partly due to the carbing up effect and partly due to the general trauma such a strict diet puts on you.

I'm not a bodybuilder, my willpower is not limitless when it comes to physique goals, I don't care enough to be miserable and sacrifice strength and after that monster month I just ate freely and gained.

The three things I want you to take away from this is the following: 

  • Real weight loss is gradual.  Rapid weight loss is temporary.  Temporary doesn't mean 'fake' or 'bad'. For a specific goal date like a wedding that might be ideal but for the long term  it's no good.
  • Change (any change) doesn't happen within a few days of your last non-diet day. Eating okay but with a few wee treats won't make you gain weight (and is probably the most psychologically healthy approach) but it probably won't make you lose either.  It is better to stay on target and avoid ALL treats until one is justified then enjoy it with the understanding it will slow progress for a day or three.
  • If anyone tells you that they can help you lose significant amounts of weight in a very short time then at best they mean dehydration and at worst amputation.  Ask if they mean water wait and if they say no start running/swinging or generally getting out of the situation. 

I won't go into detail on the diet as it's linked above in the beginning of the post but if you want to give it a go I would be happy to support you with advice and training tips.  Please sign up to Hardstyle 101 and I'll get In touch to get you started.

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