The tug of war. Fat VS Muscle. Blog: 19/2/17


Today is International Tug of War day.

It would make sense to try to use this as an opportunity to 'sell' training to get strong with some kind of story about being able to measure up to other people and pull your weight on a team.   While this would have its merits I think training to 'beat' others isn't a great mentality.  

While I'm sure I'll come around to a similar topic soon enough I want to talk about an interesting scientific nutritional study instead.  Curveball right? 

Does there need to be a 'tug of war' between losing fat and building muscle?  Does a decision need to be made and committed to or can both goals happen simultaneously?

The old school calories in/calories out model says that you can either eat to be in a deficit and lose fat and muscle while training to make sure it's mostly the former or eat to be in a calorie surplus and gain fat and muscle while training to make sure it's mostly the latter.

The more modern model says "This is really complicated and I don't want to give you a straight answer... maybe".   If being fat is a mixure of what you eat rather than the quantity, your activity levels, your fitness levels, your stress levels and other hormonal things then it would be entirely possible to simultaneously do things to promote muscle AND to drop fat.

This study confirms that if you eat enough protein and train you can have both.  The key here is the high protein intake of over 2.2 grams per kilo or a 1g a pound.  This can seem like ALOT when it's all in front of you.

Anyway if you want help with the diet side I'll point you in the right direction.  If you want help with the training bit then sign up for Hardstyle 101 or get in touch if you already have signed up.





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