A brand new super complex weight loss technique! Blog: 20/2/17


Hello, I'm loath to write this in the first 25 words as I'm sure the title is the only reason anyone who is reading this is reading this... but... 

Ha. 26. It's simple, go for a walk. .. keep moving and avoid sitting. Ta Da.  Sitting burns about 300 calories over 8hrs, NOT sitting burns 1000*.

This post is to celebrate "Love Your Pet Day".  So aye, get an animal and take it for walks.  That takes care of a good amount of any health concerns and calorie balance issues you might have.  Obviously the other side of calorie balance will be what you eat.  I can sure as hell EAT 1000 calories in less than 8hrs.  

Eating even slightly more than required for a goal and then adding steady cardio to burn it off again is just inefficient.  Eat enough protein to support your muscles, enough carbs to support your training and enough fat to make up the difference. If you are trying to get bigger and you aren't add a little more if you are trying to get lighter and aren't take away a wee bit.  If you are training hard for muscle and size then the carbs will be higher to support it and the fat will be higher to make up the total.  If you are trying to get leaner the training will not have the same volume and require less carbs, the fat will be lower to bring the total number of calories down a bit which will probably leave protein as the main thing remaining.

This is a gross oversimplification but not too far off.

Keep the numbers controlled and tweak them when it's clear what they are doing and you can't go wrong.

Whichever type of goal you have you have to have some degree of mastery of the training.  If you plan to push and progress with half understood movements and knowingly or unknowingly work around mobility, stability and control issues you will hit a road block sooner or later. 

To get started with that mastery I'm offering a revamped version of my Hardstyle 101 program updated to be mostly online.  If you are receiving this as an email then it reply and let me know you are interested as I haven't got the automation up and running yet.

If you clicked through from the webpage or Facebook sign up at www.forceofnaturept.com/hardstyle101 and then let me know you are interested. 

Video coaching, online support and all kinds of good stuff. Give it a go.



*this is from memory so I might be a few hours off but the number was pretty surprising. 


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