First lessons are posted. Free Coaching Offer: Hardstyle 101.

Hello guys.   I'll keep this short and sweet.  I've not posted in a day or two as I've been wrestling with my online infrastructure to support your training.

The rather simple "lesson 1" and a general warmup mobility complex are uploaded posted and available.

Lesson 2 is finished but needs uploaded and will be posted today.  Lessons 3&4 should be up this week as well.

The first lesson covers the absolute basics.  Breathing and posture.  I'm covering how to get these things right and then how to maintain them through movement.  Correct breathing and posture might not seem like something that requires much thought in your training but I can assure you that as you increase your weights it will begin to matter ALOT.

You may as well learn good habits from day one and that's what Hardstyle is all about.

If you haven't signed up please do HERE and if you have click through HERE and use the password you received when you signed up.  If you didn't get one email me at and I'll send you it.  I think the automation is working now but it might have missed people who signed up awhile ago.


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