Hardstyle Group Times and Blog: It would help me if you could help me help you. 5/2/17


Hello all. I hope you have had a great week.  

It's getting busy at the gym. February is a long month for fitness peeps.  While I'm not going to complain a reaonable number of you (assumeing you are reading this due to email subscription) have accepted my offer and got started with Hardstyle 101.  While this is great as it is literally the point of me designing the program, the busier it gets the slicker I need to be with supporting people.

Could you all please drop a message on the 'Ask a Question' tab on my website and let me know either the biggest thing you need help with or the biggest thing I have helped you with.

I need to start creating an FAQ video library and want to hit the important things first.   Anyway. That would be appreciated.

Next week Hardstyle group times will be Monday and Wednesday at 7am.  Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 10am.  Drop me a message if you want to come along and get strong.

In personal news my left wrist still doesn't like to bend but I can manage light weights now so am working on making my Getups very pretty indeed.  Pulling doesn't bother it so heavy swings are back.  I'm following a great fat loss program which I will post about later but if anyone is interested in all that aesthetic rubbish (I just want to get lighter to get into a lower SFG weight catagory for strength tests) please get in touch and I'll link you the program and give support. 

If you do train with me or are on Pure Gyms Pure Loser with me and haven't please add yourself here for easier contact

As always Hardstyle 101 is open to all comers.  Check the website link for details.





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