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Hello guys.  I've got another piece of tech to offer you lovely people in your training endeavours.  I've been certified in, and been using Functional Movement Systems Screening for a while now but the company does supply a web based system to provide an online program.  The trouble is it is browser based and clunky as hell.

This is a shame as the actual movement system is great at creating pain free, mobile people who will absolutely excel in their training and rocket towards any goals they wish to pursue.  Well FMS is launching a brand new shiny app that I will have access to after the weekend.

My announcement is a bit vague as I don't actulally know what I'm going to get when the app is launched but I HOPE it does what is says it is going to and let's me streamline my programming and contact with students.

Combined with my fairly low tech video based Hardstyle 101 program I'm hoping to have something really useful to help you.

Once it has actually launched (Saturday I'm told) I'm going to offer movement screening and 6weeks online programming for the meger sum of £15 (usually £35/70 depending on needs).

Offer open until Sunday at midnight. Just email me at or text 07958014100 to get that price.


Richard BathComment