Does health and fitness need to be all or nothing? Blog 30/3/17

Hello. I've just finished running an 8 week weight loss program and have had pretty good success. 8.5kg down and still feeling strong. No hunger. No misery. 

The program was pretty simple and I agree with pretty much all of what it says. There are a few things I wasn't sure about but I stuck to it and it paid off.

Ive NEVER has success using my own diets.  Which is strange because everyone else has good a good success rate with my diets. So why won't they work for me?

I always 'adapt' them. It's my diet so I'll make little changes. I'll read something and try it and then read something else and try that and end up going nowhere.  I don't do that with someone else's diet. 

My wife had this issue the other day.  She was told by someone else that someone she was eating was 'wrong'.  Some foods are almost never 'right' in a health and fitness sense (high sugar and junk foods) but nothing is always 'wrong'.

A very simple question should be is it better to eat carbohydrate in the morning or at night?  To the bodybuilder who has a big breakfast then small meals at regular intervals with small amounts of extra carbs after a workout the answer is obviously the morning.  To the guy cutting weight using intermittent fasting who only eats during a 6hr evening window then before bed will work best.

To someone with blood sugar issues serious enough to affect sleep before bed is the ONLY answer. To someone who is training for a marathon in the morning is the only answer.

  Both are 'right' in the context of the whole diet. Trying to pick and choose single elements, rules or pieces of information without following the whole diet will almost always fail.  This goes for training as well.

So as the title suggests it's all or nothing.

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