Reasons to get strong #2: "Strength forgives the occasional biscuit".


I would like firstly to credit Colin Stewart, a fellow SFG with that quote. 

Most people work out to lose weight. Most people do this through long drawn out steady state cardio.  

This CAN work in regards to seeing the number on the scale go down if you keep a cap on your food intake. There are a couple of problems thought.  Firstly you are getting smaller and lighter but there is no reason why what is being lost should be fat rather than lean muscle, the training isn't intense enough to preserve muscle. As your muscle mass reduces your need for calories reduces and the diet/training will become less effective and eventually halt unless you either eat less or do more cardio.    Secondly this cardio will become a routine necessity to maintain your weight loss.  A person who CAN run a marathon only requires those calories if they continue to regularly train for and run marathons.  

Strength training works differently.  While i won't bother arguing that the calorie 'burn' is as high during the session (although if you have ever performed high density Kettlebell snatches you would want to argue with this) the calorie burn as your body restructures itself to get ready for next time balances it out.  This training WILL preserve muscle so when the scale says you are lighter you know it was mostly fat that has gone away.  Best of all a person who has a body which can lift heavy things requires the calories to support that body regardless of whether they lift heavy weights all the time or not.  Obviously without maintaining their strength it will fade but you get the idea.

In the very short term starvation and long torturous cardio sessions probably will be more effective in dropping the scale weight but it is very shortsighted.  In the medium and long term train to be as strong as possible and eat like someone who wanted to be as strong as possible and you may be suprised by the results. 

If you have tried the other way and want to try this newfangled lifting things way get in touch.

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