Getting fit? Why you should get training. Top 3 reasons.


Hello there everyone, I hope yesterday's April 1st post was received in the spirit it was intended.  Today's post is about why you should train with a qualified individual rather than going it alone.

This article assumes your goal is the very vague 'get fit'.  Assuming you are not currently able to do anything that would qualify as 'fit' you will have to change that.  To do this you will have to decide what needs to be improved.

Here is the problem. 'Fitness' isn't one thing.  Being able to run an ultra marathon is very different from being able to pick up 3 times your body weight from the ground.  The way you would train for them is just as different.  There has to be a focus to your training or you won't get anywhere.  The saying goes that if you try to catch three rabbits you won't catch anything at all.  This leads me onto the...

Top 3 Reasons to Train

  1. Direction: Getting an objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses from an impartial person is vital to well planned training.  I'm fairly strong with low rep lifts and I like practicing them.  It wasn't easy for me to admit that my bodyweight was way to high and that should be the focus of my effort.  I only 'admitted' this fact due to the strength standards of some Strongfirst tests changing based on bodyweight and finding myself way too heavy for my strength level.
  2. Accountability:  Having someone else keeping track of your key metrics such as bodyweight, strength levels or even frequency of sessions makes it less likely that you will loose focus and get distracted by other things.
  3. Expertise:  What program is best? Is your form okay? Should you change something or stay patient? What should you do if X,Y and Z?  It's very easy to be either over critical of yourself and become impatient or to get set in your ways and continue making a familiar mistake forever.  Having professional eyes on you occasionally can be enough to prevent this.

Don't get me wrong, if you don't actually want to achieve something badly enough to commit to the changes then there is nothing another person can do to help.  Well that's not true.  You could hire someone on retainer to literally follow you around and keep an eye on everything you do and everything you eat.  This is the Hollywood A-list 'secret'.  But it will last only as long as you pay the two full time salarys for the people to do this.  Eventually YOU will have to make your own decisions.  The decision to train when you are sore and feeling low or the decision to stick to a diet when your friends are going to your favourite restaurant.

However if you are committed to making the necessary changes but need to know what those changes actually are get in touch.  



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