Ultimate Ultra Bicep/Tricep Mega Super Burn Workout Blast and Jacked Uber Diet: Pump Up Those Gunz.


The only important thing in life is the size of your biceps. 

It doesn't matter if you can hardly move and live in constant discomfort as long as they are enormous because that makes you the best.  It doesn't matter if you can't afford to feed your family as long as you have your supplements and gainz.

This program is guaranteed to make you the gym alpha and therefore an overall success in life.  The first thing to remember is that looking strong and being strong are not the same thing.  Trying to actually BE strong will just waste the energy you need to perform endless variations of elbow isolation movements.

Haters will try to steal your gains by telling you that you should work other body parts, sometimes even your legs which are scientifically as far from your arms as it is possible to be. They will tell you to use compound excercises and full range of motion. Some might even tell you that you should stretch and that an elbow joint shouldn't grind as it moves. 

Ignore these people. 

This workout looks complicated but that is important to confuse your muscles.  If it was straightforward then your arms would understand and it wouldn't work. This is science.

Begin with a the bicep curl and Unilateral Tricep Pushdown to find the right weight to start with for sections A&B.  After that use the reps, rests and percentages given for each section. Most of the workout uses agonist/antagonist super sets although there is one giant set made up of two different super sets using the same muscle group. Remember if you are confused your muscles will be as well.


Perform this workout every 4hrs seven days a week.  Don't speak to anyone or do anything between workouts. 

To get the most out of these workouts also follow this diet.  Boil a quantity of chicken breasts that equal your bodyweight.  Boil them until every trace of fat and carbohydrate (chicken breast is high in carbohydrate) is gone along with any minerals, taste or nutrition other than the protein.  

Eat as fast as you can between sets of the excercises and between workouts.  There is no maximum amount of protein your body can process so the faster you eat the faster you will grow. 

You will also need some kind of special supplement.  Let's call it M-Gigantine... it's rare and only just been discovered. Really expensive though so send me your money and I'll send you whatever you can afford. 

If you want more information like this follow this link. 

Happy April 1st,.


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