FONPT: Update on Hit the Target Fat Loss and all projects+situations.


Hello and I hope you are well. I try not to make my blog too focused on myself but I thought I deserved a little trumpet blowing today.

Anyone paying attention will know I've been following the Strongfirst 'Hit the Target' diet for 9 weeks now.  I'm as of this morning at my goal weight of under 100kg(I'm 219.6ld).  I've found the whole thing remarkably easy and straightforward.

No tiredness, no weakness, no hugely time consuming food prep. 

Im just going to keep it rolling for another cycle.  I think 193 pounds would be an achievement and bring my 1/2 bodyweight one arm press down to 44kg. Still a monster but better than 48kg which is the 'max' anyway.  That's my SFG2 certification strength standard.

In other news my sprained wrist is managing to both bend and support grown up weights again so my training has come back online with a vengeance and on the subject of online...

See what I did there?

My online training software is running and program templates are built and ready for individuals adjustments.  If you would be interested please get in touch with a quick text or email Re: online training.

I will provide all the information and guidance to get you wherever you need to get.  Diet, lifting, cardio and mobility.  You just have to take the first step and get intouch. 

If you want to get an idea of what I do try the free Online Hardstyle 101 program available when you sign up. If you are signed up email me for the password.


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