Blog: May 18th. Coffee problems, itinerary, 9 to 5 sat down and literature.

A surprisingly un-miserable early morning today.  It's bright, if not sunny, and my lack of coffee isn't feeling like an issue.  No caffeine since Saturday (it's Thursday).  I'm not recovering from my training enough and stalled out of a program 2/3 of the way in.  I can't eat more as I'm staying sharp on the extremely effective Hit the Target Fat Loss plan and I can't sleep more as I've got tiny people living with me so the only recovery options left are to sleep better.  I didn't think coffee affected my sleep BUT I do drink an absolutely immense amount and always strong.  It almost certainly does. 

Having cut it out this week I can more or less confirm that 'yes' of course a drip feed of espresso grade coffee from 5am through to 5pm will absolutely affect your sleep. Now you know. 

Today I'm in Pure Gym Edinburgh West for group training, personal training and to continue my second stab at the RoP shoulder press program I'm restarting.  After that I'm away to Tesco bank to spread the good word about strength and health.  Anyone with a job that requires them to hold a static position for extended periods of time should have some interest in fitness.  Whether you care about losing fat/gaining muscle or performing better is your own business.  If you don't keep your back and shoulders strong and your hips and chest flexible you WILL end up with issues if you spend all day everyday sat down hunched forward.  Usually painful and never useful.

You don't have to train like special forces to avoid this but you do have to learn to train well. 

For what it matters after that I'm off to the royal museum for a lecture and book signing with my beautiful and increasingly nerdy wife.

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