Blog: 20/5: How to loosen off tight shoulders and the Tesco Bank Grip Strength League Results.


Hello guys.  I though I'd combine these two things to avoid sending two emails in the same day.   

Firstly Thankyou to everyone at Tesco bank who took part in the grip challenge.  Everyone has been offered an introductory training session but the winners marked with the star have won a course of training if they are interested.

Thankyou to everyone for taking part and it was nice to watch everyone gradually getting more competitive as the day went on. 

Moving forward to item two.  Many many people mentioned sore upper back and shoulders so I've put together a brief video on my absolute favourite way to relive that.  Spend about two minutes with each of these three excercises and you will feel brand new.  Click anywhere for that. 

Anyway please have a lovely weekend and if you want to get an introductory session to see if Strongfirst training is right for you click through for a booking


Richard BathComment