Time to get massive. Force of Nature PT Blog: 30/5/17

Good morning and happy Tuesday. 

This week will be the proper start of the summer months and the gym is getting busy.  Never a bad thing when everyone is focused and knows what they are doing...  a pretty miserable state of affairs when you are juse milling about unsure of what to do while everything is being used. 

As always if that sounds rubbish I'm here to help. Book an introductory session and I'll get you set up on the house.

After 16 weeks on the (8 week) Hit the Target fat loss program I'm down from 242 to 210.  However I'm feeling increasingly worn down and I've decided that a break is in order.  SO! Carbs and calories are going up up up and I'm going to hit something called the Shock and Awe Protocol.  It's a four week kettlebell complex program designed to build muscle.

Time to get massive.  

Its so good to get porridge with banana and chocolate protein instead of turkey mince and eggs for breakfast.  Anyway. I hope to see you in gym shortly.

Don't hesitate to get in touch about whatever.



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