Uses of strength and trumpets: Blog 02/06/17


Hello everybody two things today and both slightly at odds with the other.

First is a new article in the 'Reasons to be strong' series.  It's about the benefits of strength training and lifting practice that have nothing to do with your waistline, body composition or how good you look naked.

In a nutshell whether or not you choose to practice interacting with objects in the outside world the chance of you having to do it is pretty high over a lifetime and doing it badly makes the risk of injury or longer-term wear and tear pretty much one in one.  However closely watch your diet it is hard say you are fit and healthy with aching shoulders and a damaged lower back.

Click through this link for that article.

Secondly in complete contradiction to my high ideals of focusing on he functional benefits of strength and wanting to blow my own trumpet (and now I've justified the 'intriguing' subject line) is one of my students of strength's success story with weight loss as a side effect of his training.  While it is true his diet was focused towards the goal of body fat reduction his training was pure strength and conditioning and any cardio he did was purely accidental.

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