Can you Avoid Everything Except Death and Taxes? Blog 8/6/17


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I've heard it said lots of times that the only things in life that you can't avoid are death and taxes. However it's been pretty big news recently that Amazon at Starbucks would heavily disagree with the second of those. This only leaves the first inevitability. Some people say they want to live forever through great works of art, some people say they wish to live forever through their children but personally my plans are to simply never die.

This of course is going to bring up the subject of ageing. While it is obviously impossible not to become chronologically older is it inevitable that you will become 'old'?

To me anyway 'old' is a combination of many things. From an aesthetic point of view I would say either extreme of poor body composition (e.g. extremely low muscle mass with high body weight or extremely low muscle mass high body weight) coupled with the usual saggy greyness. From a health point of view I would be thinking about a laundry list of medications and varying degrees of health problems. Finally from a performance standpoint I would be thinking about having difficulties in performing everyday activities such as getting out of a chair, walking and generally interacting with the world around yourself.

If these things could be avoided then other than the excess of candles on your birthday cake creating a fire risk you are not really 'old'.  

Avoiding these things requires a focus on development and maintenance of an acceptable and healthy level of muscle mass and body fat. Development and maintenance of optimal range of motion in all of your bodies joints and strength and stability to move yourself and a reasonable external load in a variety of ways.

Training using Strongfirst's methods will allow the development all of these things and adopting Strongfirst principles allow you to maintain them over the long run without the injuries and burnout often associated with weight training.

If you want to know more about this please read the know article from HQ: QUALITY OF LIFE: STRONGFIRST FOR AN AGING POPULATION.

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