Article and training offers: Are your workouts going somewhere?

Hello and welcome to the start of July.

For a lot of people myself included, that means all that can be seen is the summer holidays stretching out for weeks and weeks ahead.

This means less free time for ourselves and far more family obligations then when the little ones are at school.

As I have no intention of letting this effect my health, strength, and fitness it means I need to be working smarter not harder.

Today's article is about workout programming and making sure that your limited and precious time in the gym is being spent wisely.

Click through this link to read my new article: Is your training a long road to nowhere?

Once you have had a read of that please consider a new training option I am providing for online personal training. While an online only training program will not include any face-to-face coaching it will include a personalized progressive program and a diet and lifestyle guide to support it.

This is perfect if you have limited time in the gym and want to make absolutely certain you are getting the most out of it.

There will be weekly contact as well as video coaching for the exercises and a Facebook group to office support.

Please click through this link if you think this would be a benefit to you.


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