It's International Almond Day apparently: Blog 16/2/17


Hello.  Every day is special and according to the internet today was international Almond day which is nice.

They are definitely my second favourite nuts.  Not a patch on cashews though... and doughnuts obviously.

As this is a strength and fitness blog let's look at them from a nutrition point of view. 

Almonds are a better source of protein than other nuts and are particularly good at curbing hunger so can be GOOD for weight loss (despite fairly high calories) when eaten in fairly strict moderation.  25g is a 'good' portion but seriously sad looking little pile.

Remember not to be afraid of fat when losing weight but be mindful of the calories. 

For people trying to keep calories high on a clean diet nuts can be a godsend.  They have a pretty solid macro ratio (carbs/fat/protein) and are dense in calories so can be eaten to quickly push up the numbers for any skinny folk looking to get bigger or strong folk looking to maintain their weight when training hard.

For any success with these goals remember that training and nutrition both have to be pointed in the right direction.  For help with either or both sign up to my Hardstyle 101 program for free.

If you have any questions about this or anything else please don't be afraid to click through and ask. 

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