Heavy Iron and Heavy Drinking: 5/3/17


Hello everybody. Today is Absinthe day. 

Its not something I'm a great fan of. Not that I drink a great deal these days but even when I did not a drink I would choose because I enjoyed it.

That doesn't mean I didn't ever drink it... but if I wasn't drinking for the enjoyment of it why exactly was I drinking it? Like many many people I drank it and other things to get really spectacularly drunk.   I quite enjoyed this.

In the short term this was possibly dangerous.  Lots of bad things can happen to really drunk people.  The next day you feel baaad.  So why exactly do you do it? 

I guess because it's cathartic.  It's a rush.  You cut loose and just see what happens. 

Currently I'm more into lifting weights. 

In the short term this is possibly dangerous. It's not impossible to hurt yourself.  The next day you can feel pretty sore. So why exactly do I do it?

Its cathartic.  It's a rush...

I hope that sentence structure and repetition was heavy handed to make my point.  People have a need for extreme experience.  The most socially acceptable seems to be heavy drinking.

If you have bought into my parallel then you might be wondering why I didn't bother to add any of the many benefits of the weight training.  For this you need to look at the longer term results.   Everyone knows the long term results of heavy drinking.  At best the long term results are NOT having any negative consequences and at worst the results can suck pretty bad.

The long term results of weight training are a lot more positive.  I won't bother listing them but more muscle, less fat, stronger bones and joints and being generally more durable are right up there at the top.  So please celebrate by raising a glass in extreme moderation and look for whatever extreme experience you are looking for by pushing your tolerance to heavy iron rather than heavy drinking.

To reduce the risks of strength training as far as they possibly can be it's always wise to get professional instruction and coaching.  To get started with this please click through to my Online Hardstyle 101 Program.




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