What is it all the Kettlebell stuff is actually about? Blog 9/3/17

Hey guys. How goes? 

If you are new to my blog this information might be new to you but if it's not I'm sorry but it's required to frame my next paragraph.  Force Of Nature Personal Training doesn't really specialise in kettlebell training (although I can see why you might think that).  I specialise in GPP... or general physical preparation.  This is basically training for the unspecified future.  To be able to perform and be confident to do whatever.  Kettlebell training requires everything to a good level.  Flexibility, stability, endurance, conditioning, strength and coordination. 

This presents a marketing issue.  Most people are motivated towards something specific.  Bodybuilding, fat loss, getting beach ready, runnng those joint destroying half marathon things for charity or a sport.  The specific focus doesn't matter but it is still... specific.

This can make it hard to 'sell' GPP.  No before and afters. No gold medals. No trophy.

The thing is that this whole fitness thing is built up like a pyramid.  If you go into specialised training with poor mobility, faulty movement patterns and no foundation you won't get far.  Eventually something will get sore or just stop improving.  Then you get a choice. Push through and maybe have lasting damage when you do stop, stop and just give up (a popular choice) or back right up and start building a wide base of GPP before you give it another go.

Hindsight is 20/20 so let's pretend you read this in 9 months time, nodded in agreement and got in touch. 

We will work on ALL the fundamental human movements balancing out any lifestyle issues (read deskjob).  Build mobility if required.  We will work on patterning the different kettlebell movements unloaded.  Correctives if required.  We will work on loading those patterns with weight, with ballistic movement and with endless reps.

After awhile if your fitness/physique/performance isn't where it needs to be (and if standing up from laying on the floor with 32kg of iron supported on a straight arm isn't ENOUGH to do it you have lofty goals) we will add specifics to pursue those goals and they will be achieved without grinding yourself to dust.

Get in touch to get started. 




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