How hard should I train to lose weight? Blog 10/3/17

Hello everyone! I hope the iron feels light and the coffee is strong.

As I covered in my previous post Force of Nature focuses on training for general physical preparation.  Being generally fit and capable in a wide range of situations regardless if the required aspect was strength, power, endurance or even flexibility and stability.  Then after building a wide foundation adding more goal specific training if it was required. 

As I covered before my biggest business issue to overcome with this is that it's not emotive.  I could just promote myself as a weight loss specialist and get people to do the same thing as I currently do while setting aside extra time to sit down and work on diet.  And you know what? I couldn't actually think of a more suitable style of training for that.

Weight loss is about food. Eat properly and move around a lot while getting a little stronger.  Not training will slow down weight loss. I'm not going to pretend that excercise has no part to play.

Training SUPER BEAST MODE all the time will actually screw it up though.  Not straight away unless you screw up your blood sugar levels with HIT intervals and end up self medicating on Mars bars. In the short term you might even see a few pounds more lost than you would with a more sustainable program.  But eventually you will be so tired and worn down that you will either stop training or start eating.  This isn't a failure of willpower.  It's just not possible to repeatedly recover from beastings while on weight loss rations.

Moderate training and a strong focus on diet gets it done at the pace that it will always take. A pound or two a week.  You CAN lose weight faster but you won't last that long and unless the goal is only required for a single day you won't see ongoing progress or be able to stabalise at the new weight.

For help with either side of the coin please get in touch. 



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